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Hi I'm Katrina, I'm a singer/ songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Enjoy my blog, I love telling you guys all my stories! Xo
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My first show of this leg of the tour was in Canadaigua, New York on July 21.  We pulled up to the venue in the back, where all the tour buses were parked, in my rental full size GMC SUV.  Security looked me over cross eyed and said “who are you?”  I answered “I’m Katrina” with a smile since I was already on cloud 9.  

“And who are you with?” he said gruffly.  My response “I’m with Katrina.”  He looked utterly confused.  I guess it isn’t too often that an artist shows up at the venue as the driver and with such little gear.  I had my guitar player in the front seat, and my road manager/Mommy in the back seat. 

We pulled out our laminates, security had a few exchanges on the walkie-talkie and then we were waved in. 

I received much the same response entering through the back door but I was completely unoffended, knowing that crazy people often try to get in to places they shouldn’t be. 

Meat Loaf’s stage/production manager Porkchop showed up.  He was all smiles and hugs and then the venue security warmed up realizing I wasn’t trying to finagle my way in to the place and that I was the opening act.

We said our hellos, meeting most of the many people responsible for the oh so many moving parts that make a show such as this go off without a hitch. 

Production assigned me a beautiful space to call my own for the rest of the afternoon/evening.  It wasn’t fancy but it was nice- more than I had expected- and had everything I needed.  Water, fruit, veggie snacks, a fan, hot water & tea bags, couches, a mirror, and my own bathroom that was so clean you could have eaten off the floor if you wanted to.  I even had showers!  Yes I pluralized showers on purpose, as there were several!

I was wondering when I would get the chance to meet Meat Loaf, if at all.  We had sound checked, eaten dinner in the back with the production crew and most of Meat Loaf’s on stage talent.  They were all so nice and gave me a great warm welcome.

It was about 10 minutes to show time for me.  I was upside down with my hair flipped over with a can of aerosol hairspray and in a cloud making sure my crazy hair would be good for stage, when I heard my Mom’s voice “you have company honey.”

I flipped my hair back over to see Meat Loaf standing before me with a huge smile on his face.  I was thrilled and it showed. 

I began ranting… “Hello, thank you for this opportunity, I am a forever fan and feel so lucky to be sharing the stage with you thank you.”  He was the gentlest giant.  I hugged him and he hugged me back. 

“Welcome Katrina, I have heard you have a great voice, don’t be nervous, just have fun out there, close your eyes and sing your heart out” he said with sincerity.  He asked how I was liking it so far and I told him everyone had been so great helping me get settled introducing me around to his crew, and making me feel welcome and at home.

Meat Loaf responded “good, we are a family.  If you don’t get it you are outta here.  Not you!  I mean other people, who don’t get that we are all a family.  Those guys don’t last long with us.  It’s just how it is.”  I loved this.  I had felt the family vibe and I was thankful for it. 

When he realized my Mom was my Mom he said, “Oh I have to give Mom a hug!”

I asked before he left… “what do I call you, I want to be respectful and I am not sure how to address you.”  He said, “call me Meat, I have been called that since I was a kid.  It’s what they all call me. “